50 Best Burgers in Central Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

Texas is renowned for its iconic hamburgers, and it's no surprise why. With millions of burgers consumed daily, it's time to honor this beloved meal and identify the best burgers in Central Texas. Our research yielded a list of contenders that ranged from the simplest to the most extravagant. We excluded national chains and urban steakhouses, and our 31 brave tasters traveled 12,343 miles, visited 253 restaurants and gained a total of 45 pounds.

Legions of legendary locations such as Dirty Martin's, Nau's, Kincaid, Chris Madrid's, Adair's and Bellaire Broiler Burger failed to make the top fifty. Although a lot of old school establishments appeared, the classic, no-nonsense hamburger of yesteryear was often overshadowed by a cheeky and deceptive 21st century version. Here begins our list of the fifty best burgers in Central Texas. Ekko's is a hybrid restaurant that offers both Greek and American products.

It has all the Greek features, from perfectly seasoned gyros and sandwiches to flaky baklava and daily specials, from mousaka dishes on Mondays to souvlaki on Wednesdays. But expect some fusion, like the falafel burger with fresh avocado. Counter Cafe is a cozy and comfortable restaurant that specializes in comfort food such as pancakes, hamburgers, and crackers with sauce. In addition to the classics, they offer handmade chicken curry burgers that are as juicy as possible and a one-of-a-kind breakfast combination with quails and eggs.

Lilli's Bistro, The Lazy Moose (co-owned by the owners of Lilli's and Shaw's) and Cat City Grill are three restaurants that don't specifically offer hamburgers but have one or two burgers worth taking a break from the menu. The beef from all three burgers is aged at the establishment, including the truffle burger with homemade three-onion jam and truffle butter. Rodeo Goat wins the burger war in terms of quantity with 21 different exotic burgers that include vegetables and chicken. Its beauty lies in the fact that it's sophisticated without being exotic, and at the same time, it encompasses the inherent disorder that makes a hamburger so wonderful.

Kincaid's is a well-known name in North Texas that celebrates its fiftieth anniversary cooking hamburgers and serving milkshakes. The Rosco burger with double cheese and double meat is a set of smoked meat burgers that are charred on the outside but juicy in the center; pieces of good melted American cheese and a hot bun that tastes as if it had been made fresh that same morning. Charley's is a popular fast food burger joint in North Texas with numerous locations in the city and in Texas. It offers an affordable, quality fast food burger.

The Capitol Grille only offers one true burger on the menu (a delicious and luxurious mix of ground brisket, ribs, and beef topped with cheddar cheese), but their lobster and crab burger also deserves to be included in this list. The Stage is more of a strip club than a venerable hamburger joint, but close your eyes and their burger will convince you otherwise. It's not to take the name of the Lord in vain, but if there were ever a hamburger that could be at the right hand of the Almighty, it would be this one. Central Texas is home to some of the best burgers around! From classic fast food joints to upscale restaurants offering unique takes on this beloved meal - there’s something for everyone here! We’ve done extensive research to bring you this comprehensive guide to 50 of Central Texas’s best burgers.

From Ekko’s falafel burger with fresh avocado to Charley’s affordable fast food option - you won’t be disappointed! We’ve also included Rodeo Goat’s 21 exotic burgers featuring vegetables and chicken - perfect for those looking for something more adventurous! Kincaid’s Rosco burger with double cheese and double meat is sure to satisfy your craving for something smoky while The Capitol Grille’s luxurious mix of ground brisket, ribs, and beef topped with cheddar cheese will have you coming back for more! And don’t forget about The Stage - their burger will make you forget you’re even in a strip club! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some of Central Texas’s best burgers today!.

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