The Best Burgers in Central Texas: A Definitive Guide

When it comes to iconic Texas food, there's no denying that the hamburger reigns supreme. From the world's first hamburger served in Athens, Texas to the millions of burgers consumed every day, it's no wonder why Texas Monthly decided to publish a definitive story celebrating this beloved meal. After months of research, they narrowed down their list of candidates to fifty of the best burgers in Texas. Our 31 courageous tasters traveled 12,343 miles, visited 253 restaurants and won a total of 45 pounds in order to find the best burgers in Central Texas.

They left some sacred names in the dust and opted for quality over nostalgia. The conclusion? This is what happens when you opt for quality over nostalgia. Dirty Martin's Place is a legendary location that has been serving burgers since 1975. Their oversized meat burgers are prepared fresh every day with the best meat and topped with fresh, locally grown produce and super soft rolls. For a unique burger experience, try their Cowboy Murrin Burger which comes with a handful of burger ingredients such as smoked bacon and their special house barbecue sauce. Kincaid's Hamburgers has been serving some of the best burgers in Fort Worth since the 1940s. Their burgers are nothing special here, they only know how to serve a good and hearty American burger here.

Burger Boy is an authentic old school hamburger joint (you can also eat there) that has a very passionate local audience. San Antonians have enjoyed these burgers since the 1980s, and now Burger Boy is known throughout the state. Their burgers are simple, delicious and you won't hear anyone from the area say a bad word about them. Tookie's claims to be the favorite burger joint of many Texans. To choose from more than 20 different burgers, try their Cowboy Murrin Burger which comes with a handful of burger ingredients such as smoked bacon and their special house barbecue sauce. In a nod to Austin's food truck culture, Pool Burger stood out.

The brothers behind LA Burger have found the perfect way to fuse the flavors of Korean cuisine with American favorites, consistently placing them on any list of the best burgers in Irving, Texas. In addition to their unique menu, the burgers themselves are packed with flavor and are sure to leave you in a hamburger coma. The search for the best burgers in Austin continues, and I'll be expanding this list with more delicious options in the coming weeks. Dine family-style at the cute picnic tables in the outdoor seating area and get ready to enjoy some of the most scrumptious burgers in Texas. If you're looking for a typical American hamburger, this busy old fashioned counter that sells hamburgers, freshly cut fries, 26% of fried pastries for more than 100 years always hits the spot. Nothing too wild or flamboyant, just perfectly grilled burgers that are bursting with flavor.

The burgers are charred to a good taste and come with all the toppings. If you're looking for a burger with Camembert cheese and mustard, look no further: The Pascal burger for lunch and dinner from the French gastropub is sure to satisfy your cravings. And then there are the food trucks, restaurants, and fast and casual food places, all of which are valuable parts of the hamburger landscape in my hometown. You can safely say that they are the only burger joint in Austin that offers potato latkes, something my mother used to make me. Everything was excellent, although I learned that I could make their burgers with fries or milkshakes but not all of them at once. So if you're looking for some of the best burgers in Central Texas, look no further! From Dirty Martin's Place to LA Burger and everything in between, you're sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings.

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