The 50 Best Burgers in Central Texas: A Definitive Guide

Texas is renowned for its iconic hamburgers, and with millions of burgers consumed daily, it's no surprise that Texas Monthly decided to publish a definitive story to honor this delicious meal. After researching 253 restaurants and traveling 12,343 miles, the magazine concluded that the fifty best burgers in Texas could be found in central Texas. From classic eateries to modern fast food joints, there's something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Sandy's Hamburgers

is a great example of a classic burger joint.

With its old-school neon sign and menu offering corn sausages, hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes, it's like traveling back in time to 1963. Prices are also comparatively cheap compared to other fast food restaurants.


is another great option for those looking for something unique. This North Lamar self-service restaurant is mostly known for its delicious Mexican-style Chicken Al Carbon, but it's the Strawberry garnishes that really seal the deal. Mexican street corn, grilled beets, and grilled cauliflower make Fresra's a worthwhile experience both for driving and for dining.

Flyrite Chicken is the perfect place to go for a tasty and fast chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-A may claim they invented the chicken sandwich, but Flyrite Chicken has perfected it. Plus, you can buy a mug or a six-pack of beers to take with you while you're there.

Hat Creek Burger Company

is another great spot for cheeseburgers.

This self-service restaurant specializes in cheeseburgers that are simple and not too complicated. The most popular dressing you'll find on their menu is spicy sauerkraut, which is always worth trying. They're also open early in the day for breakfast, making Hat Creek an ideal place to stop off on the way to work.

Patrick's Hamburgers

is another classic burger joint that celebrates the '50s and '60s era of small-town hospitality.

With a simple menu featuring top quality ingredients served at affordable prices, Patrick's offers hamburgers, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers that can be served on a bun, without a bun, or in a lettuce wrap. The Rosco burger with double cheese and double meat from Sandy's Hamburgers is a set of smoked meat burgers that are scorched on the outside but juicy in the center; pieces of good melted American cheese and a hot bun that tastes as if it had been made fresh that same morning. At the Hopdoddy Burger Bar, you'll find everything from delicious burgers to delicious tacos and delicious meatballs. This elegant new fast food franchise looks too clean and corporate to produce a good hamburger, but its beauty lies in the fact that it's sophisticated without being exotic.

Finally, there's the legendary Mack Eplen's in Abilene, Texas. This popular and loud place has been cooking hamburgers and serving milkshakes for fifty years now and is a well-known name in North Texas. The number of tourists who have taken photographs in front of its neon sign must now number in the millions.

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