The Best Fast Food Burgers in Central Texas: An Expert's Guide

When it comes to iconic Texas food, nothing beats the hamburger. It's no surprise that Texas Monthly recently published a story to celebrate this beloved meal and identify the fifty best examples currently being served. After extensive research, the magazine's 31 tasters traveled 12,343 miles, visited 253 restaurants and won a total of 45 pounds. The results? A list of the fifty best burgers in Texas that ranged from the simplest to the most flashy. The research excluded national chains and urban steakhouses, leaving behind a lot of old school establishments.

However, the fine, no-nonsense hamburger of yesteryear was routinely overshadowed by a cheeky and deceitful 21st century version. This is what happens when you opt for quality over nostalgia. Legions of legendary locations like Dirty Martin's, Nau's, Kincaid, Chris Madrid's, Adair's and Bellaire Broiler Burger failed to make the top fifty. But there are still plenty of old and new options to celebrate in Central Texas. Austinians have easy access to an affordable, quality fast food burger with numerous locations in the city and in Texas. Call and take your order of burgers to go or enjoy it with a margarita in the shade of the giant oak tree on the Hays City outdoor patio.

Dirty Martin's Place offers everything from a classic cheeseburger to a bacon and cheddar burger and even a Swiss mushroom burger.

Top Notch

is a trip to the past, when hamburgers were still cooked on the grill. The Rosco burger with double cheese and double meat is a set of smoked meat burgers that are scorched on the outside but juicy in the center; pieces of good melted American cheese and a hot bun that tastes as if it had been made fresh that same morning.

Hays City Store

burgers are ground and prepared at home, and served on a toasted bun at New World Bakery in Kyle. The Pascal burger for lunch and dinner from the French gastropub is available with Camembert cheese and mustard.

The Love Shack's Dirty Love Burger is a well-worn outdoor music and people-watching venue located in the Fort Worth Stockyards that serves up an unforgettable burger experience. If you're looking for something truly divine, head over to Austin for the best burger in Texas. This elegant new fast food franchise looks too clean and corporate to produce a good hamburger but don't be fooled - their burgers will stop you in your tracks! So if you're looking for an unforgettable burger experience, Central Texas has you covered.

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