The Definitive Guide to the Best Burgers in Central Texas

When it comes to iconic Texas food, there's no denying that the hamburger reigns supreme. From the world's first hamburger served in Athens, Texas to the millions of burgers consumed every day, it's clear that Texans take their burgers seriously. That's why Texas Monthly decided to publish a definitive story celebrating this indigenous meal and identifying the fifty best burgers currently being served. Our 31 courageous tasters traveled 12,343 miles, visited 253 restaurants and won a total of 45 pounds to compile this list.

We eliminated national chains and urban steakhouses for patriotic and aesthetic reasons, and opted for quality over nostalgia. Legions of legendary locations like Dirty Martin's, Nau's, Kincaid, Chris Madrid's, Adair's and Bellaire Broiler Burger failed to make the top fifty. The conclusion? This is what happens when you opt for quality over nostalgia. Here begins our list of the fifty best burgers in Texas.

Tookie's is an old-school place that has been serving burgers since 1975. Their oversized meat burgers are prepared fresh every day with the best meat and topped with fresh, locally grown produce and super soft rolls. To choose from more than 20 different burgers, try their Cowboy Murrin Burger which comes with a handful of burger ingredients such as smoked bacon and their special house barbecue sauce. Kincaid's Hamburgers has been serving some of the best burgers in Fort Worth since the 1940s. Their burgers are nothing special here - they only know how to serve a good and hearty American burger here. Burger Boy is an authentic old school hamburger joint (you can also eat there) that has a very passionate local audience.

San Antonians have enjoyed these burgers since the 1980s, and now Burger Boy is known throughout the state. LeRoy And Lewis is the place to go for smoked burgers in Austin. Maybe it's the thick, spicy brisket burger with a juicy interior or maybe it's the stretchy potato roll or the chopped roasted onions that add a little sweetness to every bite - whatever it is, it's worth waiting at one of Austin's famous barbecue lines to get your hands on one. Roadrunners offers grass-fed Angus beef burgers. The owners of Roadrunners, Nico IIAi and Steve Gee have focused on improving the burger with their offering of grass-fed, hormone-free and trimixed Angus beef burgers. Burgers are also available with buffalo meat, long-horned veal, boneless chicken breast or 100% vegan vegetarian burger. Dirty Martin's Place is the second oldest restaurant in Austin and the oldest hamburger joint in Texas.

Sure, some cranky people might resist eating a burger at a wine bistro on Sunday morning but they would miss out on the best burger in Texas. The old fashioned way - this burger is the perfect preparation of a toasted and sweet homemade bun and a hand-pressed ground beef burger that's greasy and juicy enough to disintegrate in your mouth. From classic cheeseburgers to Mexican burgers topped with fresh cheese, guacamole and tortilla chips or German burgers served with muenster cheese, sauerkraut and a pretzel roll - there are plenty of unique options for burger lovers in Central Texas. If you're looking for an unforgettable burger experience in Central Texas, you've come to the right place! From Tookie's classic oversized meat burgers to Kincaid's Hamburgers' good old American burgers to LeRoy And Lewis' smoked brisket burgers to Roadrunners' grass-fed Angus beef burgers to Dirty Martin's Place's legendary burger - there are plenty of options for everyone! Whether you're looking for something classic or something unique, Central Texas has something for everyone! So grab your friends and family and head out on an unforgettable burger adventure!

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