The Best Drive-Thrus for Burgers in Central Texas: A Guide for Foodies

In Austin, Texas, even our self-service restaurants are a source of culinary pride. From the old-school neon sign that proudly advertises frozen custard and root beer to the menu that offers corn sausages, hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes, Sandy's Hamburgers is like a time machine to 1963. Prices are comparatively cheap compared to other fast food restaurants, and the atmosphere is perfect for a group of teenagers hanging out in muscle cars listening to the radio hits of yesteryear. Sandy's Hamburgers is an Austin gem and we look forward to seeing you for many years to come. Strawberry is another must-visit self-service restaurant in North Lamar.

This spot is best known for its delicious Mexican-style Chicken Al Carbon, but it's the Strawberry garnishes that really seal the deal. Mexican street corn, grilled beets and grilled cauliflower make Fresa an experience worth driving and exploring. Flyrite Chicken may not have invented the chicken sandwich, but they certainly perfected it. We can't think of any other place in Austin that serves a chicken sandwich that's as tasty and fast as Flyrite.

Plus, you can buy a mug or a pack of six beers to take with you while you're there. Hat Creek Burger Company is another great spot for cheeseburgers. This self-service restaurant specializes in simple and uncomplicated cheeseburgers, with spicy sauerkraut being the most popular dressing on their menu. They're also open early in the day for breakfast, making Hat Creek an ideal place to stop off on the way to work.

The Dai Due locuvores offer a dry-aged Wagyu burger with Stryk Cheddar cheese and beetroot tomato sauce with their fries. Clark's juicy burger comes with match fries that are some of the best in town, and the burger is just as good. If you want a thick patio-style burger with a touch of attitude, head to the El Camino Casino and try the yellow burger loaded with roasted peppers or the Buffalo burger. Cavalier in East Austin serves flat burgers with caramelized edges and frozen cocktails.

The Aviary Wine & Kitchen burger is also worth trying - this cozy little wine bar in South Lamar always plays great music and makes a great burger. Taco Cabana is another great self-service restaurant in Austin. In addition to fine burgers and sausages, this 1946 burger stand serves malts, milkshakes, ice cream and dipped cones - perfect for taking a dip after the pool. With locations from Georgetown to San Antonio and 16 coaches in Austin, it's easier than ever to buy those burgers.

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